Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Who was the modern Santa? And was Nancy a DJ?

Here's one more short article from the December 18, 1964 issue of The Madison Mirror (boldface type in the original):

Christmas Party in the Gym

To celebrate the holidays and the last day before Christmas vacation, Social Committee provided entertainment in the boys' gymn,
Santa made an appearance for a check to see who had been good. Since last year he has changed a great deal, becoming more "Modern". No one knew what this meant but those on the Social Committee, who kept it a dark secret. The rest of us had to attend and find out ourselves.
After the usual singing, skits, and Mr. Buchhauser's combo, donuts and cider were served by Jo Ann Benell and her committee. From here, records and dancing took over the show, with Nancy Ellis in charge.
For those people who prefered not to attend the Christmas Party, a movie was shown in the the auditorium.

Wow! Way too much use of the passive voice and far too much mystery. Just who was this Santa and what made him more "Modern?" And who had been good? Or more intriguing, who had been bad? Does anyone remember this Christmas party? Or were you all in the auditorium watching the movie? And if so, what was the title of the movie? I'm sure it wasn't "Molly Grows Up."

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Marlene said...

O.K. With my fantastic memory and all, why don't I remember this Christmas party OR a movie????I am coming up totally blank on this one.We moved the day of Christmas Eve from the infamous Dayton St. address. I could have been busy with that. But it wasn't like me to miss something that had to do with the holidays. Someone give me more details please.