Friday, March 31, 2006

The Way We Were: Seventh Grade Student Council Representatives

Just what did the Madison Central Junior High School student council do? Did its members run the candy counter? Plan a dance? Challenge our principal, Miss Smith? Even though I wasn't on the student council for the 1959-60 school year, for some reason I can remember almost all the first names of the delegates -- or at least I think I do. Here's my rendition of the caption (seventh graders are in boldface type). Additions and corrections encouraged and welcome.
Top Row: Judy Jordee, Marie Cerniglia, Jim Garner, Sue White, Second Row: Linda Balser, Shirley Henthorne, T. Taylor, S. Lemberger, Marlene Rizer. Bottom Row: Roberta Sweet, Gail Weitzel, Ron Paskin, Peggy Ragatz, Pam Garvey, Larry Lewis, and Janet Stevens.

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