Saturday, March 11, 2006

Remembering Madison Lutheran School on Spaight Street

Many members of the Class of 1965 didn't arrive at Madison Central High School until they were freshman because they attended parochial schools or other area schools that served a K-8 population.

One of those parochial schools was located on Spaight Street, not far from where I grew up. To get from my house to B.B. Clarke Beach (named for Bascom B. Clarke, founding editor of The American Thresherman magazine, the offices of which were located at 115 E. Main Street, not far from the Argus, site of the 35th reunion), you had walk by the Madison Lutheran School, so I was very much aware of it -- and of the reports that its students weren't allowed to dance.

Madision Lutheran school was housed in a building that was originally the Harvey School, a Madison public school. The building, now demolished, was designed by the architectural firm of Claude and Starck, which also designed such other local landmarks as the Doty School (which very much resembled the Harvey school), now transformed into condominums; the Majestic Theater building on King Street; and Breese Stevens Field.

Among the alumni of Madison Lutheran School are many students who went on to become Centralites, including Doug Strand, the man who shares lots of memories about Madison history by leaving comments on this blog. Now he and his fellow alumni can check out Madison Lutheran School history and names of graduates and teachers on a website created by Judy Maginnis Kuster. And if you need further evidence that my father knew what he was talking about when he used to say, "Everyone in Madison is related -- or will be," I'll tell you it took only a little checking to confirm that, yes, Judy is a daughter-in-law of Leona Kuster, who taught at Madison Central High School for many years.

There are also lots of other Madison history connections embedded in this post. Please do use the links I've created to read more about Madison history, as well as see some photographs that may bring back memories. The links, for those of you new to this blogging format, are the words with lines undeneath them. Double clicking on these words will redirect your browser to a new page.

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D Strand said...

Nadine and all,
Yes, that's the old school. My class was pretty much together for seven years. I guess we were like brothers and sisters whether we wanted to be or not. I think that we (around 35 in my class, 22 girls) appreciated each other more after we left and got older than when we were together. I think that we got a great education there. We had two hours of religion everyday, one hour of memory work and one hour of Bible history. It was GREAT!! I can still recite my teachers names from second (when I started) through eighth: Mrs. Seebach, Mrs. Lindow, Mrs. Frank, Mr. Hoyord, Mrs. Zuehlsdorff, Mr. Stolper, and Mr. Behrens. I really shouldn't pick my favorite, because they were all so great, but one in particular turned me around, and that was Mrs. Frank (fourth grade) I can't say enough good things about her, even after 49 years! And she was not easy, just an outstanding teacher and person!!
I have so many stories to tell about those years like the time I intentional sang bad in 8th grade to get out of "mandatory" choir or the time Al Endres hit a softball in the trees so far no one ever found it. He got a contract with Park Hotel in the summer of 58 after that. Or the dent that Don Havey put in the lead pipe, which is probably still there, when Bill Nimmow, Dave Beckett, Russ Techlow, Mark Marozick, Dirk Reeck, and I tried to tackle him. Six against one seems kind of unfair, but not for Don.
We always argued whether Dale Hackbart went to ML, so I asked him when I finally met him in Las Vegas on business in 1996 and I guess he didn't.
Anyhow, I remember those days and those people very fondly and would love to hear from all of you especially since I am way out here in Baltimore.
Central alumni of 1965 from Madison Lutheran are: Dave Beckett, Dorie Harder, Linda Hill, Mary Pechie, and me.
Mr. John Olson wanted Bill Nimmow to come, but he went to West. Most of the rest went to East, with a few to Monona Grove and West. Doug