Sunday, March 05, 2006

Janet and one of the two guys at the All-Central Reunion named Joe Cerniglia

If you read the comments that accumulate on some posts (and if not, why don't you?), you'll learn all sorts of things. For instance, Doug Strand wondered if Janet Stevens had become a Republican when he saw the photo of her and Mona Winston taken at this year's All-Central reunion at the VFW.

He wrote, "What's with that elephant on Janet's neck? Has she become a Republican??"

She replied, "No. It is a symbol of my propensity to never forget (like an elephant)."

So now you know about the elephant. Next you'll want to know about the identity of the man standing next to her in this photo...

It's Joe Cerniglia (Class of 1955). And this if doesn't look like the Joe Cerniglia you remember, check out the Madison Central High School History blog. I've just posted some more photos from the All-Central reunion there, including one of another Joe Cerniglia (Class of 1953).

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Anonymous said...

And, the man off my shoulder is Tom Di Salvo. The man off Joe's shoulder is Joe "Butch" Englehart.