Friday, March 31, 2006

Gym Class Before Title IX

Three years after Central High School (by then called Central-University High School) closed its doors, Title IX, the Educational Amendement of 1972, finally gave girls an opportunity to play real sports. Back when we were in high school, girls gym class wasn't very much fun or very challenging. I usually learned more sitting on the sidelines discussing the intricacies of French kissing than I did on the court or the playing field.

Things weren't much better for girls in 1926. Read my gym class rant and the 1926 Tychoberahn commentary on The Department of Physical Education on the Madison Central High School History blog.

Leave comments here or there. Your opinions matter, but what we really want to know is more about those boys swimming classes. We're pretty sure you didn't have to wear ugly swim caps, but the other aspects of your swimming costume (or lack thereof) still intrigue some members of what was then still known as the weaker sex.

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