Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Awash in history (and a little suds)

Madison is celebrating its 150th birthday this year, so in addition to all sorts of celebrations, there are lots of interesting opportunities on tap to learn about local history. Here's one that may interest some of you because it features not only a "Central connection," but some interesting comestibles.

The next meeting of the Culinary History Enthusiasts of Wisconsin (CHEW) will feature a talk by Peter Fauerbach about the history of the Fauerbach Brewery and the large role it played in the history of Madison. The brewery opened in 1848 and ceased operations in 1966. The original building was razed to make way for the Fauerbach Condominiums.

Last year, Peter Fauerbach and some of his cousins began brewing Fauerbach beer again at the Gray Brewery in Janesville.

Peter Fauerbach is a grandson of Karl Fauerbach, who graduated from Madison High School (later renamed Central High School) in 1917. I recently posted Karl Fauerbach's obituary and his senior class photo from the Tychoberahn in the pre-1990 obituaries archives.

In addition to Peter Fauerbach's talk, the CHEW meeting will feature an opportunity to taste some of his brew and watch the Oak Apple Morris Dancers.

The CHEW meeting is scheduled for 7:15 p.m. on Wednesday, April 5, 2006 in Room 120 at the MATC Truax campus. While CHEW encourages people to become members of the organization, its meetings are open to visitors.

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