Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Vida Smith Retires After 30 Years, Ninth Grade Strings Play for Commencement, and Other News from June 8, 1962

It was my sister's 14th birthday, but that didn't merit any mention in The Madison Mirror on June 8, 1962. To be fair, I don't think The Mirror ever mentioned anyone's birthday.

There were, however, lots of news stories in the Junior High News section (page 4) of The Madison Mirror. The biggest news was that as the Class of 1965 prepared to move into Senior High, Miss Vida Smith, Junior High School principal for 30 years, had decided to retire. Other news included a report on the ninth grade string players who would provide music for the Class of 1962 June 15 commencement, and updates on the ninth grade track team.

To Play June 15

The Senior High Orchestra and the ninth grade strings will provide the music for commencement on June 15. The following numbers will be played: "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik", by Mozart; "In Church" by Peter Tschaikowsky; "Canzone Amorara" ("Venetial Love Song") by Ethelbert Nevin; "Chacene" by Maurice Whitney; "Pomp and Circumstance" by Edward Elgass, arranged by Charles Woodhouse; and "Stars and Stripes Forever" by Sousa.
The ninth grade string players are Jean Jensen, Linda Austin, Wayne Logue, Nadine Goff, and Carol Gartland, first violin; Bonnita Hawke, Martha Soules, Cheryl Larson, Shirley Hierlmeier, Linda Reuter, Tom Brew, second violin; Ed Pagel, viola, Larry Lewis and Christine Sannes, cello; and Ed Muehlemann and Mike Hampten, string bass. - Jean Jensen

Note: This article was reproduced as it originally appeared, but it has a few spelling errors: love is Amorosa, not Amorara; Ethelbert's last name is Niven, not Neven; Whitney composed a Chaconne, not a Chacene; the man who composed "Pomp and Circumstance" is Elgar, not Elgass; there's only one "n" in Bonita, Cheryl's last name was Larson, not Laison; and Mike was a Hampton, not a Hampten.


This photo of Clarke Caywood, Tom Oscar, and Jim Bakken accompanied two stories, both of which are reproduced below.

Defeat West and Cherokee

Central defeated West and Cherokee by a score of 64½-45-13½ in a triangualar meet on May 17.
Central showed only fair ability in the sprints and relays, but clinched the meet with its outstanding work in field events.
Individual winners for Central included Jim Bakken - high jump, Jim Hesterly - high hurdles, Bob Fox - pole vault, Larry Franklin - 60 yard dash, and Ed Pagel - shot and discus. The 880 relay team composed of Jim Kinder, Ed Pagel, Bob Fox, and Steve Fix also won their event.

Letters Will Be Presented In Aud Today

Today an assembly program will be held in the gymnasium for the presentation of letters to all who placed in track events.
Letters will be received by the following: Tom Oscar, Jim Bakken, Clark Caywood, Phil Marsh, John Schaul, Del Daul, Tom Niemczyk, Tom Tiedt, Vaughn Berry, Pete DiMartino, Ed Pagal, Jim Hesterly, Bob Fox, John Geiger, Jim Kinder, Dick Zweifel, Larry Franklin, Steve Fix, and Jim Reamer and Ed Ledwidge, managers.
After the presentation of letters, a brief summarization of the athletic year and a word about the upcoming eighth grade potential will be presented by Mr. John Olson.
Mr. Gene Wendland, the publicity director for the City of Madison Recreation Department, will address the assembly concerning the recreational facilities and opportunities which will be available in Madison this summer. - Nancy Washburn

Note: This article was reproduced as it originally appeared, but it has a few spelling errors: Clark should be Clarke (Clark with an "e" at the end), Shaul, I think, should be Schaub, Pagal should be Pagel.


D Strand said...

I always wondered if Jean was related to Arnie Jensen, the great football and basketball player at Central just before we got there.

D Strand said...

My first job was working for Gene Wendland as a softball umpire. I didn't know that he spoke that day. I was 15 and too young to fill out a W2 form. Mr. Wendland was a great guy. He always supported his umpires and made his younger umpires feel very important and valued. As much as I like Dave Kelliher, I was very sad to see Mr. Wendland go. I wound up umpiring softball in Madison for 25 years on my "first job".

Marlene said...

Where the heck is Jim Bakken anyway. We were pretty good friends, being neighborhood pals and all. I haven't seen him for years.

D Strand said...

That IS a good question, Marlene. I heard that he went into The Caribou once in the seven hundred block of East Johnson across from Russell Green's barber shop where we all got flat-tops.