Friday, February 24, 2006

Two Mystery Women Identify Themselves

The February 19th post featuring a photo from the 10th reunion has drawn many comments. However, the ninth comment, from Mary Jo McCarthy, is the crucial one. Here's an excerpt:

That definitely is NayDean Marble and the "blond" to her left, (as you look at it) your right. Is me. I was in my blond stage. NayDean called me today and I was tickled to see the picture. We sure did have fun that night.

If you want to read the rest of what Mary Jo wrote, click on COMMENTS at the end of that post.

NayDean Marble also sent an email confirming her identity. Here's what she said:

That photo is Mary Jo McCarthy (now Brown, living in Scottsdale, Arizona) on the right and me in the center. I don't know who else is in the shot.

So now you know who the clearly identifiable faces are in that photo. If only some more of the people in the January 25th photo would let us know who they are, we could progress to even larger crowd scenes.


nancy ellis said...

BOTH Naydean and Mary Jo were GREAT FUN.
Mary Jo lived one block away, on Paterson St.
We smoked when her parents were out....bad girls ha ha.
I think Naydean lived near Gerri Di Maggio
Mary Jo and Naydean danced well and their hair was always PERFECT

D Strand said...

I guess I lived near Mary Jo, too, then, being in the 900 block of East Mifflin. I wish you had called me, Nancy, for a cigerette; I don't think Mr. Harris or Mr.'s Olson would have minded!
I doubt that Naydean or Gerri lived in our neighborhood, though!