Monday, February 13, 2006

Romantic Madison

USA Weekend, a magazine inserted in about 300 local newspapers throughout the United States, has declared Madison, Wisconsin to be the most romantic destination in the USA, in part because our chilly weather "lends itself to cuddling." You may read the USA Weekend feature by clicking HERE. Be forewarned, however, you'll have to scroll down the page past a photo of supermodel Heidi Klum before you reach the tidbit about Madison.

Today's edition of The Capital Times features a follow-up feature by reporter Samara Kalk Derby, who notes that Peter Greenberg, the NCB "Today" show travel editor responsible for selecting Madison as the nation's most romantic city, is a alumnus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


D Strand said...

I am going to try to forward this to my daughters in Milwaukee and Massachusetts. This adds to the surveys that have declared Madison to be the best place to raise children, Andy Rooney's five most liveable cities (the other 4 were San Antonio, Boston, Pittsburgh, and San Diego), and several more.

D Strand said...

I would say that Paris is the fourth most romantic place that I have been to, with Niagara Falls, third, Acadia National Park, second, and MADISON first. There was nothing more romantic than a Lapham School Street dance in the summer, or maybe, we didn't know what romantic meant in sixth grade.
The lakes are very romantic, summer and winter, especially walking down to them behind Burrows Park or at the end of Brearly Street in my neck of the woods. Going down to Paison's for pizza after a Central basketball game was pretty romantic, too - some people might have thought!!Happy Valentine's Day to all!!!