Friday, February 17, 2006

The Mouse That Roared

Originally serialized in the Saturday Evening Post in the 1950s, "The Mouse That Roared" was a Cold War satire about the way the United States was using foreign aid to buy friends, hoping to thereby keep them away from the influence of the USSR. In Leonard Wibberly's novel, the Duchy of Grand Fenwick decides the only way to solve its economic woes is to declare war on the United States, lose, and accept foreign aid.

In 1959, the novel was made into a movie starring Peter Sellers. In the fall of 1963, a cast of talented thespians performed the stage adaptation of "The Mouse That Roared" in the Madison Central High School auditorium. Members of the Class of 1965 made up almost one-third of the cast. They included Linda London, Joanne Libert, Mike Fullwood, Suzi Bible, Larry Lewis, Wayne Logue, Kathy Merlin, Nils Olsen, Eileen Gallagher, and Joan Harvey.

Reproduced below is an article about the play printed inthe October 11, 1963 edition of The Madison Mirror. You may double click on the image to enlarge it in your browser window.

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