Thursday, February 09, 2006

Great Times on the Washington School Playground, and Other Memories about Living near W. Dayton Street

A House with History for Just $1” prompted several people to post comments or email their memories about living on W. Dayton Street or in the area around Washington School (now known as the Madison Metropolitan School District Administration Building). Since some of you haven’t developed the habit of reading comments, and since comments don’t seem to be picked up by search engines, I’m going to reprint some of those comments and emails here.

Janet Stevens wrote, “I knew all the people you mentioned who lived by the Dayton Street house...Fix's lived in that block, too, when we were in grade schoo(Washington).

Doug Strand wrote, “I think Jim Bakken, Mike Gardner, and maybe Larry Lewis lived in the area. Maybe we could move the house to where Central stood.”

And then we have this great set of recollections:

“It is Marlene AGAIN.. I sent Nadine an email regarding this because I couldn't get in here last night. I don't even know if she got it. But with the risk of repeating goes...I lived at 533 W.Dayton from 8th grade until Dec. 24 of our senior year. My cousin, Marsha Engelberger lived right around the corner on Bedford St. The Vodak boys..Mike and Greg lived across from her on W. Dayton. Jim Kinder lived on Mifflin, Jim Bakken on Marion St., The Aldridge boys, Dennis (now deceased) and Mick lived on Frances. Bernie Schmeltzer also lived on Francis. The Hierlimeiers lived on Francis and Johnson, where the Nitty Gritty is now. Cheryl Larson lived a little further down on Lake St. So you see, there are quite a few of us who lived in that area. We all used to have so much fun going to Washington School playground during the summer for "summer rec". And long after summer ended we would go and "chill" there. Oh yeah, that's right, the Feeney boys, Jim, Mike and John also lived on Johnson for awhile. Those truly were the good old days. We had great some great times.

Note: I do read all the email to the blog, but I don’t always have to to check my mailbox every day.


D Strand said...

And I thought only Lapham, Marquette, and Hawthorne had great summer playground activities. Did you have street dances and "The Stage Coach"?

Anonymous said...

We had great street dances. I remember it like it was yesterday. Beautiful summer nights just hanging out. Sometimes even playing cards. I remember I went home one night and woke my mom to beg her to teach me how to play euchre and dirty clubs. And the Stage Coach Theater was something we looked forward to every year. We were lucky to grow up in those times . Don't you agree? Marlene

D Strand said...

Marlene and all,
I definitely agree that we were lucky to grow up in Madison, then!! It was so good to hear you say "euchre and dirty clubs". Noone in Boston or Baltimore (where I've been for the last 20 years) has even heard of them. My Father was a very avid player of both and my bother (Bob) and I and neighborhood friends would play all the time. My parents would not allow kids into the house except to play Euchre and Dirty Clubs!!
I loved the Stage Coach, too, Marlene, but don't remember the cast like I do "The Mouse that Roared", Nadine's topic for today. In the Mouse, I remember how all the cast acted, but nothing about the plot. Why is that? Thank goodness, Nadine told us what it was all about. Doug