Tuesday, February 07, 2006

For Sale: A House with History for Just $1

Long before UW students moved into houses on W. Dayton Street -- back when freshmen had to live in dorms if they didn't live at home and women had curfews -- this area was home to Centralites. Monday, The Capital Times reported that the house at 415 W. Dayton Street (which is about a block from Washington School) is for sale for $1. The catch (and you know there had to be a catch) is that it's only the house, not the property, that's for sale. If you buy it, you have to move it to a new location.

Just for the fun of it, I skimmed through my copy of the 1962-63 "Number Please" address book, published when we were sophomores by the Madison Central High School Student Council Finance Committee, to see if I could find someone who was actually living in that house back then. I found sophomore Mike Hampton living across the street at 414 W. Dayton Street. When I checked the juniors, I discovered Dawn Huett living a couple of houses away at 423 W. Dayton Street. And I hit the jackpot when I skimmed through the seniors: Gail Shea was living at that address then (at least according to the information in "Number Please"). I vaguely remember Mike; Dawn was unforgettable; and I know nothing about Gail.

So the question for the day is: Did you or anyone you know live in this area? Click HERE if you want to read the entire article from The Capital Times and see a smallish photo of the house. And let me know if you decide to buy the house. I'd love to watch you move it.


D Strand said...

I think Jim Bakken, Mike Gardner, and maybe Larry Lewis lived in the area. Maybe we could move the house to where Central stood!!

Anonymous said...

It is Marlene AGAIN.. I sent Nadine an email regarding this because I couldn't get in here last night. I don't even know if she got it. But with the risk of repeating myself...here goes...I lived at 533 W.Dayton from 8th grade until Dec. 24 of our senior year. My cousin, Marsha Engelberger lived right around the corner on Bedford St. The Vodak boys..Mike and Greg lived across from her on W. Dayton. Jim Kinder lived on Mifflin, Jim Bakken on Marion St., The Aldridge boys, Dennis (now deceased) and Mick lived on Frances. Bernie Schmeltzer also lived on Francis. The Hierlimeiers lived on Francis and Johnson, where the Nitty Gritty is now. Cheryl Larson lived a little further down on Lake St. So you see, there are quite a few of us who lived in that area. We all used to have so much fun going to Washington School playground during the summer for "summer rec". And long after summer ended we would go and "chill" there. Oh yeah, that's right, the Feeney boys, Jim, Mike and John also lived on Johnson for awhile. Those truly were the good old days. We had great some great times

N Ellis said...

marlene b lived ina fun area