Thursday, February 09, 2006

Dawn and Dinah Taught Dancing

When I mentioned Dawn Huett in my February 7th post about W. Dayton Street real estate, "For Sale: A House with History for Just $1," I rather expected someone to ask me, "Whatever happened to Dawn?" I don't know the answer to that question, and until we've located all the "missing" members of the Class of 1965, I can't be distracted by a search for someone from the Class of 1964.
However, I can post a copy of two feature stories from the October 26, 1962 edition of The Madison Mirror that took a look at Dawn Huett and Dina Felland, two girls who often played major roles in school plays and musicals. Enterprising reporter Mike Fullwood wrote about Dawn (what a way to get to know a gorgeous redhead!) and Linda Austin wrote about Dina.

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Note: Because the page layout for these two stories had some unusual jumps, I had to retain some bits and pieces of other stories, including the headline Students Questioned on "Prayer in Schools." If there's a huge clamor for more about that subject, I'll try to reprint that article at some later date.

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D Strand said...

Nadine and all,
I really enjoyed enlarging and reading this article. At Central when I read a newspaper, whether it was the Capital Times or The Mirror, I would just whip to the sports and skip the rest (except the time when it said "Doug Strand tore out his pants for the 4th time this week and had to go home to change them" I wore really tight pants and my legs were growing - TMI). So, I was really reading this for the first time and actually appreciated Dawn and Dinah's work. I took tap myself at Kehl's on Mifflin Street in about 3rd and 4th grades. Who knows if I had lived across from Kehl's instead of Breese, I might have been a dancer. Dawn and Dinah were one year older than us and, of course, we didn't mingle with older girls, but we sure knew about them then and thought that they were both extraordinary people. I would love to know where and what they are now? Hint, Hint.
Both of my daughters, Jeannine and Julie took tap and ballet for many years (about 8 years each) only not in Madison. So I have a greater appreciation now. I remember the shuffle-ball-change that Dinah mentioned and even got my instructor doing it in a chemistry class at The Univ. of Delawre in 2002.
On another note, I'd love to comment on the "Prayer in School" article. My views are the same, but the times require a different response between 1963 and 2006!!