Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Central Arch on a Snowy Day

Isthmus, Madison's alternative weekly newspaper, has an always interesting section on its website ( called "Madison Miscellany." The section focuses on news of local interest that for reasons of time and space (and perhaps copyright) just can't be published in the newsprint edition. Thursday's "Madison Miscellany" featured a link titled "Snow falls before the Central H.S. arch." Click on the link and you're taken to a photo by Aaron Kraus, a 26-year old, self-described "Motivational Drinker."

There's no indication that Kraus, 26, knows his photograph is of the Central High School arch, the last vestige of the high school building designed by architect Cass Gilbert, but clearly there's someone on the Isthmus staff with knowledge about local history. Let's hope they're still around to help sound the alarm the next time MATC decides it really needs to tear down this historic arch in order to expand its parking lot.

Click HERE to see Kraus's photo of the arch.

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Subcomandante Arron said...

As a 26-year Madisonian, I am aware that it is the Central High Arch (as my flickr image title reflects).

And by the way, I was only half-kidding about the motivational drinker title.

Good luck with the blog.

Kind regards,