Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"Welcome 129 New Students"

According to an article I wrote for the October 23, 1964 edition of The Madison Mirror, 129 new students (sophomores, juniors, and seniors) entered Madison Central High School during the first semester of the 1964-65 school year. Of this number, 99 entered from other Madison schools, including 54 from transfers from Wisconsin High. Of the other 30 students, 13 came from other towns in Wisconsin, and 17 entered from outside the state.

I remember obtaining a list of new students from the office and trying to sort them into the various categories. At that time, I assumed the list was accurate. However, today as I read the names of the new seniors, it appears that there may have been some errors in the list. Here are the names of the new seniors listed in that article:

From other Madison schools: Kathy Buechners (WHS), Coral June Byer (West), Meredith Curkeet (WHS), Ronald Endres (West), Natalie Fox (WHS), Debby Hall (WHS), Sandra Hanson (La Follette), Gene Maddrell (WHS), Jeff Mattox (WHS), David Roberts (WHS), Larry Roth (WHS), Cathy Rott (WHS), Richard Sundquist (WHS), Gerry Schultz (WHS), Dean Urben (WHS), Patricia Wendt (West), John Westra (WHS), Angela Young (WHS).

Three new seniors from Wisconsin: Vicki St. John (McFarland), Kathleen Sweeney (Watertown) and Harvey Ylvisaker (Stoughton).

Four new seniors from outside the state: Kum Mo Kim (Rochester, New York), Ed Pauley (Colorado Springs, Colorado), Mike Shelton (Chicago, Illinois), and John Wolff (Ithaca, New York).

I highlighted (boldface type) the names with problems, some of which are minor. Here are the reasons:

Kathy Beuchners: name mis-spelled, should be Beuchner
Coral Jane Byer: name mis-spelled, should be Carol June Byers
Ronald Endres: not on list of 1965 graduates or in yearbook
Sandra Hanson: Board of Education lists her as 1965 graduate, but she is among out "missing" classmates
Larry Roth: there was Larry Roth who attended Bethel Lutheran and graduated from West, but Jeff Mattox says he remembers two Larry Roths at WHS; neither of them is on our list of 1965 graduates or in yearbook
Cathy Rott: not on list of 1965 graduates or in yearbook
Patricia Wendt: not on list of 1965 graduates or in yearbook
Kathleen Sweeney: not on list of 1965 graduates or in yearbook
Ed Pauley: Board of Education lists him as 1965 graduate, but he is among our "missing" classmates
Mike Shelton: not on list of 1965 graduates or in yearbook

If you can provide information about any of these people, please leave a comment or send me an email

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