Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Streatormania: The Next Chapter

Some people are so impatient. Doug Strand couldn't wait for Mr. Streator to return from South America, so he located a more recent photograph of the former Madison Central High School chemistry teacher. It's the one accompanying this post. Doug also sent along some interesting biographic notes about Streator from the Manchester College Chemistry Department's web page:

Jim Streator, PhD., taught at Manchester for 32 years and retired in 2000. He did his undergraduate work at the University of Wisconsin and has a PhD from Purdue. He taught high school chemistry for 5 years in Madison, WI. He was responsible primarily for Analytical and Physical chemistry courses. His general interests are in the areas of analytical chemistry and in computer applications. For many years, he taught a forensic science course during our January term. Students were introduced to tools of forensic science and visit forensic labs.

And since I know not all of you bother to read the comments attached to some posts (although you should!), I'm going to reproduce part of the comments Doug left on my first post about Streator because they certainly help to demonstrate his level of enthusiam:

Mr. Streator,
WOW! It is so good to hear from you. Yes, I was one who wrote you in as my favorite teacher, actually a tie between you and Mr. Pete Olson. Pete was a helluva' coach, two state championships, not Downtowners, of course. And you were a helluva' teacher. I have so many stories from your class, I wouldn't know where to begin. How about your frozen tennis ball trick, Mike Fullwood's goldfish eating, or the tank of acid that destroyed Jean Jensen's blouse

Of course what the rest of us now want to know are all the details about the frozen tennis ball trick, Michael's exotic diet, and Jean's wardrobe malfunction. We also want to know just what this forensic science course involved. Were there nasty odors and horrifying sights? Or merely mundane fingerprints?

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D Strand said...

As many of you remember, the frozen tennis ball trick was when Mr. Streator put a tennis ball in liquid nitrogen and pulled it out and fired it against the wall. It was supposed to shatter in a million pieces, but Mr. streator didn't leave it in long enough and it bounced half frozen and hit a student (Chris Johnson, Nils Olsen, or someone) in the head. Mr. streator was visibly shaken. He felt so bad he gave "the poor student" 10 extra points. I was covertly laughing 'til I heard the ten points and then felt cheated that I didn't get hit !!!
Of course, everyone remembers the Mike Fullwood story when we were Seniors. Mike said he would swallow a goldfish for $2. We took up a collection and he did. Then, someone said, now chew a goldfish. We collected $5, he did, but halfway through, he ran to the bubbler gagging and turned green. We're still laughing about that one, Mike !!!