Saturday, January 07, 2006

Searching for Elizabeth Weissinger

Sometimes you don't know whether your letter has reached someone and they've chosen not to reply, or whether the letter never reached them at all. The reunion committee has mailed invitations to Elizabeth Weissinger, but as far as I know, no one has heard from her for at least a decade. Elizabeth attended Central during 1964-1965, but she was not an AFS student. According to an article (shown above) by Linda Austin, published in the Madison Mirror on June 5, 1964, Elizabeth was in the United States to improve her English. The official list of Class of 1965 graduates does include her, so she was awarded a diploma.

While trying to update the mailing list for the 30th reunion, I called Kathy Merlin, who had stayed in touch with Elizabeth since graduation. At that time, Kathy provided the information that Elizabeth's last name was Weissinger-Kohler and that she lived in Gantringen, Germany.

Recently, I tried to Google "Gantringen" and while there were no hits, the clever search engine asked me if I didn't really mean "Gartringen" (second letter in name "r" instead of "n"). So I took Google's spelling tip and received lots of hits. I then went to Mapquest to try to locate this city.

Gartringen is in the state of Baden-Württemberg (those of you who studied German will notice that Mapquest can't cope with the umlaut), the capital of which is Stuttgart, where they make Porsche automobiles. Baden-Württemberg is also home to the Black Forest, renowned for its cuckoo clocks and Black Forest tortes and cakes,

But wait! I'm probably become too pedantic here. The real purpose of this post is to try to locate Elizabeth. If you know how to reach her, send me an email. Or, perhaps, one day she'll Google herself (as many people do, even if they don't always admit to this curious habit) and find this blog. If so, I hope she'll send us an update on her whereabouts and what she's been doing for the past four decades.

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D Strand said...

pedantic, maybe, but at least you weren't didactic!! You were just blogging with alacrity!!!