Monday, January 30, 2006

Pushed into the boys' bathroom...and other fond memories of Central

Several weeks ago, I emailed some of the people I'd managed to photograph at the 40th reunion and invited them to send me an update on what they'd been up to since graduation, as well as some memories of life at Madison Central High School. Thus far, only one person has replied. Here's what she had to say:

I can't believe I am just reading this request for information about each of us. goes. I moved to Middleton in 1974 and this is where I have raised three children . Ages 36, 34, and 28. They are actually each pushing the "next year".

I was a stay at home mom for almost all of those year. I have worked part time for 17 years for a chiropractor in Middleton. Actually right next door to Rusty's (my old stomping grounds).

I now have three grandchildren, who are the "lights of my life". I didn't think it was possible to love anyone as much as I did my own children......but.......I was wrong.!!! They keep me young and happy. No matter what "trials and tribulations" I go through, they make me smile.

Almost all of my memories of Central are good. I enjoyed school ........well, at least the social aspect. I know my most embarrassing moment was when Jack Troia pushed me into the boys bathroom when we were Juniors.

Mr. Lanning was my fav. teacher when I was sophomore and Pete Olson when I was a Junior. Mr Lanning was such a dear man. And I had the biggest crush on Pete Olson. I remember having to have to stay after school one day because "Mr Capadona " (Paul) and I were talking. SO, I go to Mr. Olson's room just shaking because I liked him so much and the guy never showed up and never even mentioned it to me.

I also remember being in a car with Jim Strand (who I had a crush on and he didn't know it) and he opens his glove compartment and there was a damn gun inside. That totally freaked me out and he was laughing his butt off and trying to convince me not to worry. If he gets in touch with you let me know!!!!!!

If I keep on writing there won't be room for anyone else to contribute so I will sign off. Thanks Nadine and thank you Central for a great time.

Marlene Bjornethun

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