Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Nobel Prize Winners

Sorry, no one from the Madison Central High School Class of 1965 has yet been awarded a Nobel Prize. But two other Central graduates have been Nobel Prize winners in physics: John Hasbrouk van Vleck (Class of 1916) and John Bardeen (Class of 1923). To read about these men and their acomplishments (and to find links to more detailed biographic information about them), click HERE to go to the Madison Central High School History blog, or use the "All-Central" link on the right.

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D Strand said...

I never knew Van Vleck and Bardeen went to Central. That is really quite remarkable. Van Vleck Hall was my main stomping ground at The UW and I never knew that it was named after a Centralite. I thought he was just from Massachusetts (Harvard). And I have been studying Bardeen's BCS Theory in solid state physics for years not knowing that he was a Centralite. This may not be interesting to anyone else, but it is to me.