Sunday, January 22, 2006

40th Reunion Attendance (and absence) List

Even if you attended the Madison Central High School Class of 1965's 40th reunion on October 15, 2005, you may not have had time to catch more than a glimpse of some people, or had time to talk to everyone who showed up at CJ's -- although Ralph did make everyone introduce herself or himself (and any guest) before we ate. And if you couldn't attend the reunion, you may have wondered just who did show up for this one.

So to satisfy your curiosity, this post features a list of people who attended the 40th reunion, people who planned to attend but didn't make it, and people who just stopped by for a few minutes. Most of the names come from the "remittance list" Ralph mailed to me, but there are, as always, a few last minuted updates to that list. If you were there and I've accidentally omitted your name, please let me know and I'll be sure to add you to the list. Additionally, many people brought a guest (usually spouses), but sometimes didn't list the name of the guest -- and since I wasn't taking notes during the introductions, I've just entered "guest" if I don't have a name. Again, I'll be glad to list the name of your guest if you send me an email update.

In attendance:

Dave Schutz and guest; Tom Niemczyk and spouse, Cheri; Marion "Pat" (Roh) Hadden; Janet Stevens; Nancy (Ellis) Schuttenhelm; Eileen (Gallagher) Klepper and guest; Ralph Guerin and spouse, Linda; Jane (Wadsworth) Blandino, Diane (Hoffman) Imhoff; Craig Garrett and guest; Ed Nelson; Barbara (Morrissey) Williams; Rachel (Hefty) Seffrood; Tom Oscar and spouse, Kaye; Case Grintjes and spouse, Judy; Steve Arnett and spouse, Terri; Alice Nagel; Mike Allen and guest;

Linda Hill; Richard Maloney and spouse, Susan; Sandra (Ayres) Gilbert and guest; Mary (Hammond) Stone (photo above, left) and spouse, Arland; Fred Cross and spouse, Julie; Jane (Shivers) Johnson and her two sisters, Karen Fields and Roberta Mecum; Harold Bakken (photo below, left) and spouse, Patricia; Linda (Helleckson) Junck and spouse, Thomas; James Otterson and guest; Marlene (Bjornethun) Haack; John Wolff (photo right) and spouse, Kathy; April Jo (Zekas) Johnson and spouse; Cathy Downs; John Bruns and spouse, Bonnie; Tom Brew; Linda (Reuter) Shaughnessy; Dick Gerou; Jean (Jensen) Seidl, and spouse, Larry; and Michael Barr.

Several people made reservations, but were unable to attend the reunion. They include Harold Ellington and his spouse; Ed Muehlemann; Cheryl (Larson) Brassington; and Mickey (Gartland) Crocker.

Jim Kinder and his spouse, Debbie, stopped by for a few minutes, but didn't stay for dinner because they had tickets to the Bruce Springsteen concert at the Alliant Center. This was Springsteen's second Madison appearance in less than a year. On October 28, 2004, more than 80,000 people showed up on West Washington Avenue to hear a free Springsteen performance in support of presidential candidate John Kerry.

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