Thursday, December 15, 2005

Selmer Gilch Tells All: The Madison Mirror Gossip - November 1, 1963

I'd forgotten The Madison Mirror had a gossip columnist who lurked behind a pseudonym. The November 1, 1963 column shown below has several items that should be of interest to members of the Class of 1965. Accompanying it is a photo (obviously not from The Madison Mirror, since it's in color) which offers some visual evidence that Selmer Gilch was right about boys from Madison Central dating girls from Madison West.

Since the content of the column isn't searchable (because treats it as if it were a photograph), I'm going to list the members of the Class of 1965 mentioned in the gossip column, so anyone searching this blog (or, perhaps, the blogosphere in general) should get a link to this post. Here goes: Mike Davy, Jim Kinder, Steve Fix, Steve Arnett, Doug ("Skip") Edmunds, Nils Olsen, Larry Lewis, Mike Fullwood, JoAnn Benell, Russ Loniello, Curt Larson, Bill Buffo, and Ed Nelson.

Note: If the gossip column is difficult to read, try double clicking on it to enlarge the image in your browser.

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D Strand said...

I had to look up didactic, too, being a math major. It means "intending to instruct or moralize." I hope the didactic one is pure and good. Oh, that's right, we were all poor and good. That's why Mr. Brown's office was always so empty.
Did Mr. Streator ever get married?
I can't believe that Bill and Ed biked all the way from Shorewood to Central! Who said those Shorewood kids were soft?