Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Saga of the Shorewood Students - Part One

Some of us spent six years at Madison Central High, but many members of the Class of 1965 didn't enter until they were ready for the ninth grade. In Fall 1961, students entered from Franklin, Madison Lutheran, St. Patrick's, St. Raphael's, and Badger School (send an email or leave a comment if I missed the school you attended before you were a freshman). Some also arrived from Shorewood.

The Shorewood students had to attend Madison Central High School for their freshman year, even though West was closer. The following year, they had a choice to transfer to West or stay at Central. If they stayed, they're probably on our mailing list (or we're working hard to locate them if they're missing). If they transferred back to West, they've often become subjects of gossip and speculation. We know what happened to Rip Van Roo, but what about the other Shorewood students who left Central?

Clarke Caywood, Susan Derse, Susan Flynn, Steve Holmgren, Marilyn Marling, Russ Nelson, Ethel Shideman, Virginia Steeper, Kathy Tallard, and Nancy Washburn -- where are they now? Stay tuned or help us update their whereabouts -- and if this list isn't complete, send an email or leave a comment indicating who I've omitted).

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