Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Rosettes, Lefse, and Trollin' for Feeney

Mount Horeb is one of the few places around Madison where you can buy fresh rosettes and lefse all year round, not just at Christmas. Mount Horeb is also proud to call itself the troll capital of the world.

Last Thursday, The Capital Times published an article with the headline "A Trollin' We Will Go," written by the aptly named Susan Troller. But despite the headline, this was shopping story, not a troll story, as we learn in the first sentence, which reads, "There's more to shopping in Mount Horeb than just mustard, trolls and antiques."

So if you're looking for more information about Mount Horeb's trolls, you'll have to search elsewhere. And if you're wondering what connection all this has to Madison Central High School, here's the scoop.

The man who carves the trolls is not a Norwegian, but a guy with a really Irish name: Mike Feeney (Class of 1963). That's him on the left (and yes, it does look a bit like brother John, who would have been a member of the Class of 1965 if he hadn't transferred to West his sophomore year). To read more about what Mike's been up to since high school graduation (and to see a more recent photo of him), click HERE to go to his website and read his artist bio.

Unless you can hop in your car and drive to Mount Horeb in the next few days, it's probably too late to give someone a Chicken Thief Troll (like the one pictured above). But you can order one for yourself, or to give to someone next Christmas, by clicking HERE. Or perhaps you'd rather have some of Mike Feeney's Maritime Mutant Minnows or a set of Troll Collection Notecards.

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