Saturday, December 10, 2005

More "Nail's Tales" from Camp Randall

In my previous post about "Nail's Tales," the recently installed 48-foot sculpture outside Camp Randall, I noted that artist Donald Lipski had compared his controversial creation to the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The Winter 2005 issue of On Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Alumni Association magazine, offers a some more commentary by Lipski, who calls "Nail's Tales" a contemporary take on the obelisks that stood outside ancient temples. But then he adds. "Hopefully people will make their own metaphors. Maybe they'll see a striving to get to the top."

Of course, not everyone agrees with Lipski. Is this $200,000 sculpture a fatuous football folly, a marvelous modern metaphor, or an excuse for awesomely annoying alliteration? Please opine.

Just one more thought: If the scupture is named after Lipski's old roommate, Eric "Nails" Nathan, isn't the apostrophe in "Nail's Tales" in the wrong place? Dodgeville's Lands' End admits its misplaced apostrophed is an error that was too expensive to correct. Is the misplaced apostrophe in "Nail's Tales" an erorr, too? Can it be blamed on some youngster who never learned to diagram sentences or use proper punctuation? Comments from grammar mavens and other pernickety people welcome. Persnickety, by the way, is an alternate spelling of pernickety, so let's not debate this issue. Class dismissed.

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D Strand said...

I vote for "an excuse for awesomely annoying alliteration". And, yes, the apostrophe is obviously in the wrong place. I'm sure that the author is not a Central educated person. He would have flunked Mr. Sherman's english class !