Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Mirror, Miror on the Wall, Who's the Least Changed of All?

My October 16, 2005 post asked those of you who didn't attend the 40th reunion to guess which one of three people had been voted "least changed" by those who did attend. There were not a lot of responses to this challenge, perhaps because, unless you hauled out your Tychoberahn, there was little basis for comparison between then and now. So here we go again... This time the photo from the 40th reunion is accompanied by the yearbook photos of the three finalists. Enter your guesses in the comments section. I'll post the answer after the New Year.

From left to right: Nancy, Tom, Janet


Anonymous said...

We not only think Tom looks wonderful, we know he's physically fit too, taking on projects only those much younger than himself would attempt!

D Strand said...

I think Nancy is the least changed, although, it's close!