Saturday, December 17, 2005

Links: They're Not Just About Golf and Sausages

Just a reminder about links for those of you who may not be familiar with all the ways links are used on a blog. You know that you can click on a link on the right hand side of the blog to be connected to an obituary or a website featuring one of your classmates, as well as other resources such as the local Madison newspapers and the Madison Public Library. But did you know that all those highlighted and underlined words and phrases in the text of each post are also links? Click on them and they'll take you to websites with additional information about a subject (or occasionally to another post within this blog). I often spend a lot of time on research to provide you with links. I hope you'll click on them and find them interesting or useful.

1 comment:

D Strand said...

Yes, and thank you again, Nadine, for all the time that you spend researching for this link. It is appreciated far beyond what you'll ever know !