Monday, November 14, 2005

Statistics About Where We Live Now

If she'd been able to attend the 40th reunion, JoAnn Benell would have certainly been the winner of a door prize for "traveled the furthest," since she lives in Norway. Two other members of the Madison Central High School Class of 1965 also live outside the United States: Elizabeth Weissinger (Germany) and AFS student Jillian Hayman (Australia). Unfortunately, we don't have current addresses for either of these women, so they wouldn't even have known about the reunion (unless they discovered this blog on the Internet). Jack Wake was living in England recently, but the address we have for him is no longer correct, so it's not clear where he is these days.

Of the 211 people in our data base for the Class of 1965 for whom we have a current address, 156 -- almost 74% -- still live in Wisconsin. Here's a breakdown of where the remaining 55 live:

Arizona: 3
California: 11
Connecticut: 1
Colorado: 2
Florida: 3
Hawaii: 1
Illinois: 7
Louisiana: 2
Maine: 1
Maryland: 2
Michigan: 2
Minnesota: 2
Nebraska: 1
Nevada: 1
New York: 2
Ohio: 1
Oregon: 2
South Carolina: 1
Texas: 2
Virginia: 3
Washington: 4
Overseas (Norway): 1

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