Sunday, October 16, 2005

Who Has Changed the Least?

Ralph Guerin, our class vice-president, served as emcee at the reunion and hosted several "competitions." One was to select the member of the class of 1965 who'd changed the least (looked most like they'd looked back in 1965 when the yearbook photos were taken). Pictured below are the three finalists? Who would have won your applause? Results to be posted later (of course if you were there, you already know who won).

From left to right: Nancy, Tom, Janet

Lest you think that this interest in how people are aging is a strictly a local obsession, consider the cover story on "Living better longer" in the October 17, 2005 issue of Time magazine. In that issue, the editors invite readers to participate in an online poll about "aging gracefully that pits such "celebrities" as Joan Baez against Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor and Paul Newman against Colin Powell. All we used at the reunion was a version of the old-fashioned applause meter!


D Strand said...

I would say that Nancy is first and Janet and Tom tied for second, but all three are good candidates. Who actually won?

Anonymous said...

For SURE Tom has changed the least! Still good looking!