Monday, October 10, 2005

Someone Rose to the Challenge

Janet Stevens sent me an email today in response to a previous post to tell me that the Fifteenth Reunion was held at the Holiday Inn East and the Twentieth Reunion was held at the Concourse Hotel. If there were still a Manchester's Tea Room, I'd thank her by buying her some hot apple pie with cinnamon ice cream. Instead, I hope I can at least prompt a smile by publishing the following ad from the March 9, 1934 issue of the Madison Mirror:


D Strand said...

I can't believe the Central paper was called the Mirror all of those years, 1934-1969. We all remember Manchester's. My Aunt Aveline Natvig worked in the womens department there on the fourth floor for about twenty years. She wouldn't just sell clothes, she would recommend, consult, and give a real homey touch. She was Miss Manchesters to my family. She died at 98 years of age in 1997 in St. Mary's Nursing Home on Fish Hatchery.

D Strand said...

Manchester's had that "high tech" automated erector set parking garage. It always intrigued me, but I don't think I ever used it until years after I graduated. Imagine if the motor broke and you couldn't get your car out. My Father never liked Manchester's too much and that four story, open, metal, motorized parking ramp didn't help his opinion. South and West siders may not remember it cause you went home the other way. I don't remember when they tore it down, but like a lot of structures in downtown Madison (like Central), one day it was gone!