Sunday, October 16, 2005

Preliminary Report: 40th Class Reunion

Approximately 60 people attended the 40th reunion Saturday, several of whom admitted that this was the very first reunion they'd attended. I'll refrain from publishing an attendance list until I can obtain the official list from Ralph or Craig.

I took lots of photos, but the room was a bit dark and my flash doesn't seem to have been efficient as I had hoped. Many of the photos are underexposed. Fortunately, I may be able to use PhotoShop to improve the images. I also have a slew of photos from the 35th reunion that I'll begin to post. In addition, I'd welcome photo contributions from anyone else in the class. Eventually, I think I may have to find a secondary photo sharing site for classmates to access -- but that's further down the road. In the meantime, it's a beautiful day and I'm not planning to spend all my spare time blogging. So keep checking back: I'll try to update as often as possible.

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