Monday, October 10, 2005

History Preserved: Thank You! Mr. Marsh

Anne Waidelich, a former librarian who is active in many local history organizations, mailed me a copy of an article about Madison Central High School printed in a recent newsletter published by the Dane County Historical Society. Written by Debbie Kmetz, the article is a review of the complete run (1929 through 1969) of the "Madison Mirror" donated to the Dane County Historical Society by Principal William Marsh.

Kmetz also reports that Mr. Marsh also donated copies of the Tychoberahn, but does not indicate how many (or what years).

I recently examined the copies of the Tychoberahn from 1910-1920 that are held at the Madison Public Library, which, as I reported in a earlier post, has a complete run of the yearbook. Many of the volumes I examined are fragile, have torn pages, and have quite a bit of writing in the margins. Some backup or replacement copies would be a great addition to this collection. If you or some member of your family has an old Tychoberahn (in good condition) that they might be willing to donate, please contact me. I'll be glad to see if it's one that should be added to the library's collection and do my best to facilitate its accession.


D Strand said...

I don't think I should give you any of my Tychoberahn's for the library. There are too many lude and embarrassing comments in the back from people whom shall remain anonymous, but you aren't one of them, Nadine. You were always proper up until your cotillion!!

D Strand said...

It would be great to read that article about Central from The State Historical Society. Could you put it on The Blog?