Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Another Slice of Apple Pie, Please

E-mail delivery can be as quirky as any mail service. It turns out that Janet Stevens wasn't the only person to send some information about the location of past reunions: Someone else rose to the challenge, too -- and thus merits thanks and a nostalgic slice of Manchester's apple pie (see previous post). Marlene Bjornethun sent two e-mails, but for some reason they didn't arrive in my mailbox until this morning. Here's what Marlene had to say:

"I think the twentieth reunion was held at The Concourse. I think that was the year we could walk across the street to tour the old Central. I know I went through the building and up to my locker. I think JoAnn Benell was with me when I went through it. I may have my years mixed up. But I am almost sure that is where it was."

But while she agrees with Janet about location of the 20-year reunion, she disagrees with what I've posted about the location of the 5-year reunion:

"I also thought the fifth reunion was held at that park behind Hilldale Towers and Park Towers Apt. buildings. I can't think of the name of it. I know it runs parallel with Sheboygan Ave."

My source for the information about the 5-year reunion was Terry Doyle, who told me that although he didn't attend because he had just returned from Vietnam, he was quite certain that reunion was held at Vilas. Does anyone know for sure?

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D Strand said...

I can't remember where the five year reunion was. I was at Fort Campbell, Kentucky doing eight weeks of basic training in the Army. I remember that I was going to try to get a week-end pass to attend, but didn't. I remember being in a phone booth calling someone in Madison about trying to get there, but where was it? I don't know.