Tuesday, September 06, 2005

History on the Auction Block -- Or, Whatever Happened to the Central Trophies?

Ask a Madison Central High School alumnus or alumna what happened to the trophies when the school was closed in 1969 and they'll probably say, "I don't know." A few may suggest that they were transferred to West High School. Some people will even tell you that Mr. Colucci took them with him to West. NOT TRUE.

The Capital Times reported on May 1, 1969 that 110 of the 139 Madison Central High School athletic trophies were to be sold to the highest bidder. Sealed bids were due at the school office by May 21, 1969.

I'm posting a copy of the article so you can read it for yourself. In order to fit it on the blog, I had to reduce it in size. You should be able to double click on it to make it appear larger in your browser window. You'll notice there's nothing in the article that indicates where the money from the sale of the trophies was going to go.

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