Saturday, September 24, 2005

Gerri DiMaggio and All That Jazz

I turned on the television about 6:15 p.m tonight to catch the weather report and neglected to turn it off immediately thereafter. As a result, I caught the first part of the monthly Madison Magazine show and was reminded that there was another classmate who probably had her own web site.

Gerri DiMaggio has had a long and successful career as a jazz singer -- and she does indeed have her own web site. This year she released a new CD: "Comes Love," a mix of Brazilian music and jazz standards. You can find the link to her web site in the right column under "links to classmate web pages." The web site also has a link to CD Baby -- a great source for independent music -- where you can purchase a copy of "Comes Love."

Gerri will be performing live on October 14, 2005 (the night before the reunion) at The Madison Concourse Hotel, located just across the street from where Madison Central High School used to stand.

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