Tuesday, September 27, 2005

"Break a Leg"

Stage actors are a suspicious lot. There’s a Shakespearean tragedy they call "The Scottish Play" in order to ward off the curse supposedly associated with it. It’s the one that opens with a scene featuring three witches. Actors also ward off bad luck by wishing their colleagues the opposite of good luck: They tell them to "break a leg."

However, should the actress playing the lead in Madison Repertory Theatre's current production really break her leg, audiences would have an opportunity to see a Madison Central High School graduate fill the role in her stead. Mickey Crocker (a.k.a Mickey Gartland) is the leading lady’s understudy for "Rembrandt’s Gift," a new play by award-winning playwright Tina Howe (who, interestingly, lived in Madison from 1964 to 1976 and taught English at Monona Grove High School while her husband attended graduate school at the UW-Madison).

Here’s what Mickey’s entry in the "footlights" playbill has to say about her (notice that Central has a prominent role in this mini-biography):

Since moving back to Madison from Los Angeles several years ago, Mickey has also performed with a number of local theater companies, including Stage Q’s productions of "Dodo for President" and "Why We Have a Body," and the Mercury Players production of "Stop Kiss."

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