Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Returned to Sender - Help Us Update Addresses for These Classmates

When reunion planning comittee met tonight at Fyfe's, Craig Garrett presented us with a huge pile of reunion annnouncements that had been returned to sender by the USPS. Please help us find the correct address for these people, so we can resend the information in a timely manner.

Let us know by email. If you don't remember the reunion email address, click on "view my complete profile" in the right hand column. This will take you to another page. On the left hand side of that page, click on "email."

Larry Bergman
Vaughn Berry
Cheryl (Larson) Brassington
Thomas Brew
Monte Buelow
Brian Conlon
Carol (Crowley) Favour
NayDean (Marble) Davidson
Bruce Fibikar
Lois (Legrey) Flad
Maureen (Cunningham) Frawley
Margaret (Lengyel) Grant
Richard Leach
Vickie (St. John) Liebetrau
Brad Lightfoot
Terry (Burrows) Orvold
Peter Roznoski
Christine Sannes
Jean (Jensen) Seidl
Paul Sperry
James Strand
Jack Troia
Judith (Hydanus) Vessey

Note: A strike mark (line) through the name means someone has helped us to find the current address for that person.

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Nancy Ellis said...

jack troia was a sr partner with Deloitte Touche