Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Classmate Obituaries

All of the 21 classmate obituaries that I know about are now available on the blog. The links are listed in the column on the right side of the page under "Student Obituaries." Just double click on the name to access the obituary.

Some technical notes about the dates associated with the obituaries: Weblogs (usually shortened to blogs) as Rebecca Blood notes in her excellent book, "The Weblog Handbook," have only been in existence since the late 1990s. The term "weblog" was coined in 1997 by Jorn Barger.

In theory (and usually in practice), the date associated with a blog post is the date on which the entry is written. Blogger.com (the blog hosting service for this blog) allows a certain amount of backdating -- but only as far back as January 1, 1990. As a result, some of the posting dates of obituaries for classmates who died prior to 1990 may not be in synch with the actual date of the obituary. All pre-1990 obituaries are dated 1990. The month and day of these postings is either the month and day of the death or the month and day the obituary was published.

For obituary posts, you'll avoid confusion about when an event occurred if you just read the dates in the text, rather than noting the date of the post.

Finally, if you know of a classmate obituary that is missing, please email the information (name, date of death, place where obituary was published to me and I will post it.


D Strand said...

I can't believe that only two of our teachers have past away. I would be very interested in reading others, especially that guy who gave me an F in English.

I know Mr. Harris has past away and I don't think that I have seen his obituary. Doug

Nadine said...

Many of our teachers (and principals) are deceased. Locating the dates of the obituaries, going to the library to find the obituaries on microfilm, dropping in coins to print a copy of the obituary, transcribing the obituary, and, finally, formatting it and entering it on the blog is a time-consuming process. The teacher obituaries will take much longer to compile and enter. I do have a life away from the blog.

D Strand said...

Thanks for including Mrs. Ritzmann's obituary. Even though I never had her for a class, I'm going to it right now. Doug