Monday, August 22, 2005

1962-63 "Number Please"

I recently found a copy of "Number Please" a "booklet prepared by the Student Council Finance Committee of Central High School and made possible through the cooperation of the advertisers" (back cover). It contains addresses and telephone numbers for the year 1962-63 of sophomores (future class of 1965), juniors, and seniors. You can tell it's more than four decades old because the listings are all in a format that bridged the transition between five and seven-digit local numbers. You remember ALpine and CHerry and CEdar telephone numbers, don't you?

Anyway, I found some of the "lost" classmates listed in the booklet, and although they're no longer at the same addresses, I thought it might spark some memories that would help us locate these people if I published their 1962-63 addresses. Perhaps someone will remember living nearby and will be able to recall some information that can help locate the 2005 addresses for these classmates. Here's the list:

GAIL BUCHANEN - 925 Drake Street
PAUL CAPADONA - 1214 Drake Street
ROSEMARY FRAZIER - 1809 Beld Street
DARLENE GRIGNANO - 705 S. Shore Drive
MARY HAMMOND - 403 E. Johnson Street
HOWARD HOUSTON - 6013 Riva Road
BARBARA HOWE - 314 N. Pinckney Street
PHILLIP HUSTAD - 139 S. Hancock Street
JOANNE KLEIN - 3306 Topping Road
SYBILLE KOWACZEK - 436 W. Mifflin Street
JOHN KRAMER - 833 Erin Street
CURTIS LARSON - 106 N. Lake Street
LINDA LITTEL - 1023 Drake Street
SHARON MARKING - 1327 E. Dayton Street
LINDA MILLARD - 1339 Wingra Drive
EMMA MITCHELL - 643 Dayton Street (no indication if E or W)
PATRICK MULHALL - 1332 Spaight Street
GLORIA OLSON - 541 W. Main Street
RONNA PARIS - 922 Lawrence Street
JOHN RUSSO - 5014 Manor Cross
MILDRED SHIELDS - 1517 Delaware Boulevard
JUDY STELLICK - 320 W. Washington Avenue
KAREN VIRNIG - 1005 Colby Street
MARCIA VOGT - 1402 Chandler Street
JOHN (JACK) WAKE - 330 Dow Court
SUSAN WOOD - 508 W. Johnson Street


Nancy Ellis said...

Emma Mitchell was in my Brownie troop at Lapham Grade School. I think she is still living in Madison.

D Strand said...

Did you go to Lapham all the way through sixth grade? I left after the Halloween party in second grade.

Nancy Ellis said...

What happened at the Halloween party to make you want to leave?
K-6 Lapham
7 St Patrick's
8-12 Central