Thursday, July 14, 2005

Rules? What Rules?

Remember this is not my job and I'm not getting paid for my time, so don't whine and complain if this blog is not updated as often as you'd like it to be.

Comment on posts if you wish, but you'll need to register: It's easy and it's free and it helps to minimize nuisance comments. The first time you attempt to leave a comment, you'll be prompted to register. I suggest you use only your first name. Also, remember to write down your name and password. And finally, remember that when you leave a comment, anyone can read it: so be civil and check your grammar and spelling.

This is not a group blog: You can't post to this blog yourself, but I'll be glad to add your messages and information if they are relevant. If you really want to let people know what you had to eat for breakfast, or you're trying to give away some absolutely adorable puppies, this is not the place for you. Consider creating your own blog or web site.

If you want to contact me with information to post (or for anything else), please use the special email account I've created to work in conjunction with this blog. I'm not going to post the email address on the blog, because that's just an open invitation to spammers. So you're going to have to figure it out from the following clues:
  • The first part of the address is the school colors in reverse alphabetical order, with the word "and" in between. For instance, if the school colors are blue and pink, the first part of the email address is "pinkandblue" (no spaces between the words).
  • The second part of the address is the name of our high school yearbook (find your copy and be certain the tricky spelling is correct).
  • The email account is with, so once you figure out the name, the correct email address should look something like this:

This is not a test, even though it may seem like one.

If you email me something to post, I will identify you as the source of the information. It will look something like this:

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark sends the following message:

"To be, or not to be..."

Just remember, the rules are here to make things easier, not to discourage you. Stay in touch.

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