Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Photographer Doug Edmunds Goes Digital In Cedarburg

Doug Edmunds has been a successful photographer for many years. Click on this link to the News Graphic to read a story published on July 12, 2005. The original print version of this story probably was accompanied by a photograph of Doug. If anyone has a copy, let me know and we'll try to figure out a way to show it here.

UPDATE 3/22/2008: The link to the News Graphic is no longer active and I've been unable to locate one that is active. To read more about Doug Edmunds, click on the tag at the end of this post. Doing so will bring up all the content on this blog related to Doug, including some posts with photographs.

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D Strand said...

I read your entire article in that paper. I am your old basketball buddy from Central, Doug Strand.
I see you've gone with your God given name of Doug instead of Skip. Good move. I kind of like it. That gift you talked about, I think, is a pretty good jump shot, move to the basket, rebounding, and defense. I too am a born-again Christian.
I was born again when I was confirmed at Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Madison in 1961. So, I was a Christian when I knew you in high school. We are classmates from the UW as well. We both graduated in 1969. It was great to read this article about you as I have often wondered where you went. I guess I have to thank Nadine for that. Keep in touch, Doug. My e-mail is

Doug Stran