Monday, June 11, 1990

Obituary: Dennis Keating

"Dennis Keating Killed When Car Rolls Over Here"

MADISON, WISCONSIN (June 11, 1970) - Dennis Keating, 23, of 924 E. Mifflin St., an employee of the GTC Auto Parts Co., Madison, was killed about 1:30 a.m. Wednesday (June 10, 1970) in a rollover car accident in the 4700 block of E Washington Ave. when he and a friend were returning from the Sun Prairie auto races.

The friend, Peter M. Windfeldt, 22, of 6307 Winnequah Rd., who owned the car, was released after treatment at Methodist Hospital for multiple cuts and bruises.

Police said the car "sailed" off a graded curve and rolled over several times before stopping about 400 feet off the avenue. Windfeldt told police Keating was driving and neither of them was wearing seatbelts. Coroner Clyde Chamberlain Jr. said the death remains under investigation.

Keating, a Madison native, is survived by his wife, Barbara, and a young daughter, Genna; his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Warren Keating, and six sisters and brothers: Linda Ann, Sherrie Lee, Lori Marie, Robert, James, and William, all of 834 E. Johnson St., and his grandmother, Mrs. Marie Sundbakken, Stoughton.

The funeral will be at 1:30 p.m. Friday in the Schroeder Funeral Home, 3325 E. Washington Ave., where friends may call after 4 p.m. today. It was the 33rd traffic death in Madison and Dane County this year.

Note: The above was originally published in the Obituary Section of the Wisconsin State Journal. At this time, obituaries were still "news stories," written by newspaper staff, not families.